At Ichthus Family History, our Oxfordshire-based genealogist will trace your family history for you, helping you to understand your family’s unique story.

Our family history is an important part of each of us, whether our ancestry is grand and aristocratic or founded in the working classes of the agricultural and industrial past. Knowing where we have come from helps to put into perspective where we are now, both individually and as a society. But often these important stories can be lost either through war and separation, or simply a lack of communication when the chance was there.

A skilled and professional genealogist can help rebuild and understand that past, joining the dots and adding the historical context that a monthly subscription to a website could never achieve, and often at a lower cost over time than those services.

Where we come in

O'Connor wedding 1950s Birmingham
Learning more about our past means knowing how our families lived

At Ichthus Family History we pride ourselves on making sure that the customers gets as much information about their family as they need.

Want to know what sort of problems we solve? We’ve got a number of case studies of some of our most interesting cases which have come up over the years. And do you want to know what people say about us? Head over to our testimonials page, where past (and ongoing) customers talk about what it’s like to work with us.

Our History Tracing Service

Dempsey family Ireland
You may know where your family comes from, but how much do you know about who they were?

Your genealogy is unique to you, so we offer a fully bespoke service from tracing that one relative that you’re looking for through to building full a family history and family tree.

Our thoroughly professional service has regular access to record archives in Oxfordshire, the West Midlands and is experienced working with Welsh heritage and archives. Travel to specific locations for research purposes can be arranged at a pre-agreed fee. Contact our Oxfordshire genealogist Vince O’Connor directly to discuss your unique family history and genealogy needs.