Our costs

Costs will vary depending on how much research you want us to do for you. We are always happy to arrange a 30-minute no-obligation phone call to talk about what you’re looking for, and can provide a quotation for research based on this.

Basic Hourly rate: £20. This will be broken down into 10 min sectors. However if payment is made in advance the hourly rate becomes £15 per hour.

Vouchers: Vouchers that can be given as gifts are available at £75 for 5 hours research. Expenses would be on top of this. If you would like to negotiate a variant on this, lets talk!

Travel: Travel to Oxfordshire History Centre will be at no charge. Other areas at a fair rate, which can be negotiated before I undertake the trip. During the current covid 19 crisis I am unable to visit any offices or even churchyards. Please bear with me!

Other expenses: at cost. For example obtaining certificates or copies of wills, which are £11 and £10 respectively. Such expenses will always be agreed with you in advance.

If I do printing for you, A4 B&W will be charged at 15p a sheet, A3 at 50p a sheet.

Postage to yourself: at cost

PaymentI accept cheques in sterling, bank transfers or payment by Paypal.

Terms: 30 days from invoice date.