All of the following recommendations and testimonials come from former clients.

Testimonial One: “A devious researcher”

I am horrified of computers and extremely impatient. So every now and then I visit Vince O’Connor who helps me with my research. Some time ago I was looking for a marriage of a “Sheila Brown”, possibly to a “Colin Aston”.

This information was given to me by another researcher who stated the marriage was possibly in Devon or Kent. After lengthy research Vince found a possible marriage, of a Sheila Brown to a Colin Aston. After he double-checked and cross-referenced it, I sent for the marriage certificate. The Sheila Brown to Colin Aston was correct, but it took place in Hornchurch Abbey. Good result!

He has also helped me sort oout problems when given information by other researchers, to find out when I have received the documents that they were incorrect. He is a devious researcher who comes up with incredibly accurate results.

Testimonial Two: “Nothing but admiration and high esteem for his wonderful work”

I have known Mr O’Connor both professionally and socially for some time now and have had nothing but admiration and high esteem for his wonderful work in the field of Ancestry.

In my personal case, he gave me amazing joy when he found my long lost Grandfather in Australia whom I (and other family members) have searched for over many years. His skill and knowledge is extensive and profound and I shall never be able to thank him enough for what he has unfolded and discovered. He is an extremely kind man and very sincere and has put so very much effort into making this happen for us. He was wise to warn us at the very beginning nothing might come of it, but even he himself was so happy to tell me that he had finally found my long lost Grandfather. I now have a new family, whom I never knew of, of 10 uncles and aunties, 27 cousins and many second cousins. It has been so exciting and thrilling and this is all because of Vince’s skills and knowledge. We have a great deal to thank him for.

I sincerely wish Vince well for his future and I really hope that he finds his greatly deserved niche in the world of Ancestry and Heir Hunting. He’s a star!!