About Ichthus

Ichthus Family History is a full-service genealogy business based in Oxfordshire.

Lead Genealogist and Founder, Vince O’Connor

Vince O'Connor headshot

Researching family history has been my passion for 30 years and I have been employed in the genealogy field on-and-off throughout that time. I have always maintained my genealogy skills and experience, researching my own ancestry and putting my skills to work for other family members and friends.

Interspersed with this I was a Civil Servant for 22 years and I have done research in many record offices and have tackled many different types of problems outside of the field of family histories. I was recently presented with the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial move and strike out for myself from my Oxfordshire home. After prayer, I decided that I should return to my abiding passion for genealogy and help people to rediscover their unique family stories.

My own mixed genealogy spanning Irish (no prizes for guessing this one), Scottish and English ancestry is drawn from both the urban and the rural, and from the savoury and the unsavoury. I get a rush from finding and understanding how those paths cross and intersect to make us who we are today.

I grew up in Birmingham, but I’ve lived all around Britain: including London, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, and  Mid-Wales. I now live in beautiful North Oxfordshire with my wife Kathy, who provides Ichthus Family History with invaluable support when needed. My three adult sons are now settled around the country, but they still occasionally get roped into researching too. I attend the Parish church in Chipping Norton and aim to provide Family History services in a manner consistent with the Christian faith. As a Christian, Truth is central, and Ichthus Family History’s basic tenet is to find the truth.

But there’s also one other thing which rings true: you choose your friends. Your family you’re stuck with!